Composer, pianist and improviser Andrea Keller is a leading light in Australian contemporary music. She has won numerous awards (ARIA Awards, Bell Awards, Freedman Jazz Fellowship), and has performed at major festivals around Australia, and in Europe. Andrea has performed with other artists (including Barney McAll, Allan Browne, Paul Williamson and the Bennetts Lane Big Band), but is best-known for her work with her own bands, notably the Andrea Keller Quartet, which was established as a quintet in 1999, then continued as a bass-less ensemble when the bassist moved overseas.

Joining Andrea are Eugene Ball (trumpet), Ian Whitehurst (tenor saxophone) and Joe Talia (drums). They have developed a fine understanding of how to complement and inspire each other. Their Quartet concert will see them exploring works from their 4 CD releases, dating back to 2000. For two of their concerts, they will collaborate with the No Tango Quartet, as part of a project that, it is planned, will see further performances in Europe in 2013. They will perform newly-commissioned works by both Andrea and Christina Fuchs.

Andrea says : “I like strange beauty, melody, groove, texture, creating a place where individuals can be free to express who they are and finding a way that they can all coexist together. I like being surprised, hearing people search for honest ways to express themselves, and being on the edge of the inexplicable. This is where I create music from.

“Hopefully, audiences at Wangaratta will hear all of that. A fresh, never-to-be-created-in-the-same-way-again, unique experience. If they leave smiling, feeling even a little revitalized and as though they have received a gift – the gift of honest communication and expression, generously donated by the performers and composers – that would be the ultimate.”

“One of this country’s most daring and fascinating composers, she produces work that bristles with surprises, a powerful blend of European lyricism with space and improvisation.” – ‘The Age’

  • Andrea’s compositions for the collaboration with the No Tango Quartet were developed with the support of a project grant from Arts Victoria


Saturday November 3rd at 4:00 pm

St Patrick's Hall

Saturday November 3rd at 10:00 pm

WPAC Memorial Hall

Sunday November 4th at 11:00 am

WPAC Theatre

Tuesday November 4th at 10:00 pm

WPAC Memorial Hall